When you own a car with an automatic transmission, there are a few performance tips you should always follow. While many believe these actions aren’t harmful, they could actually lead to expensive transmission repairs.

  1. Putting your car in neutral at stops. Some drivers think putting a car in neutral when stopped will help save fuel economy; in actuality, the percent of fuel economy saved is minuscule. Plus, when letting go of the brake and starting to accelerate again, added stress is placed on the transmission turbine.

  2. Not coming to a full stop before putting your car in park. Many newer cars have mechanisms in place that simply don’t allow this. However, for vehicles that don’t, there’s a locking pawl that could be broken off if the driver puts the car in park before coming to a complete stop. On top of this, added tension is placed on the transmission.

  3. Not coming to a full stop when switching from reverse to drive or vice versa. When you do this, you’re using the transmission to stop rather than your brakes, which puts pressure on the transmission band and compromises its long-term health. Coming to a full stop ensures that you use the parts that are actually designed to bring your vehicle to a stop – the brakes – rather than a part that could be expensive to repair.

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