Signs That Your Car's Battery Is About to Die

When your car battery dies, that's it. You're not going anywhere until you can get it replaced. Before you wind up stranded in a grocery store parking lot in the middle of the night, keep an eye out for signs which may indicate that your car battery is on its last leg. Also read on to find out how to tell if your car has a dead battery, rather than another issue that's causing it not to start.

Symptom I
Sluggish engine start. If your car starts taking longer than normal to start, a dying battery might be to blame.

Symptom II
If your car battery looks like it's bloated or swollen, which is often caused from exposure to excessive heat, your battery power is likely pretty drained.

Symptom III
If it's been three to four years since you last replaced it, the battery may start showing signs that it's dying. Some long-term batteries say they'll last more than five years, but certain accessories, temperatures and driving usage may drain them faster than expected.

Symptom IV
If you notice that your headlights are dimmer than usual when driving around in the evening, it may indicate that you need to have your battery replaced.

Symptom V
On occasion, the check engine light will turn on when a car's battery is low in power. If your check engine light has suddenly switched on and your car has experienced any of the symptoms above, visit us for a checkup.

Many customers also ask us how to tell if the battery is dead or if something else is wrong. Here are a few common ways to tell if the culprit is most likely a dead battery.

  • Your engine makes a cranking noise, but you cannot get it to turn over.
  • The car won't start, lights don't turn on and there's no engine cranking.
  • The car started fine earlier, but doesn't the next time you turn the key in the ignition.
  • You've had to jump the car multiple times in one week, now it won't start at all.
  • You accidentally left your car's interior lights on overnight and the car won't start in the morning.
  • There's a lot of corrosion around the battery terminals or you notice a sulfury (rotten egg) smell.
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