Toyota Vehicles  

In the crowded and competitive market, automakers must do what they can to stand apart from one another. While some automakers take the glitz and glamour route, Toyota takes the approach of reliability and practicality. When you buy a Toyota, you're not necessarily buying the fastest or most expensive car on the road. However, you'll be getting a vehicle carefully designed with safety, value, and longevity in mind. Toyota emphasizes reliability has made it stand out as one of the most reliable automakers in the industry as ranked by Consumer Reports.

It Takes Time

Time is of the essence for Toyota, but not in the traditional way that you might think. Many automakers use rushing products to market in their cars to be the first ones to introduce new technology. Toyota, on the other hand, takes a back seat. However, that tactic seems to pay off for the Japanese automaker. While other automakers race to be the first in line for debuting new products and technology, Toyota doesn't add new features to its vehicles until it knows that its products are safe and will last.

Toyota emphasizes reliability in all aspects of its approach to car production, which means that while you might not find the latest technology onboard a Toyota, you know that when you do see new technology on a Toyota vehicle, the automaker has taken the time to make sure that the new product is safe and will last.

Toyota Driving

Toyota Plays It Safe

In this respect, Toyota also takes a unique approach compared to many other automakers. When Toyota builds its vehicles, they're consistently designed with reliability and practicality in mind, regardless of the model year you get and the type of body style you choose, whether sedan, truck or SUV. Toyota's cars are reliable in large part because of the components they're made with. Toyota sources products for its cars designed with efficiency, economy, and safety in mind to make cars that stand the test of time.

Cost to Own

Many people consider just the upfront sticker price when determining how much they're spending on a car. However, there's more that goes into calculating the cost of a vehicle. To determine its value, you'll need to consider the total cost of car ownership or TCO for short. When you compare a car's total expenses, Toyota offers one of the best values.

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