Toyota Avalon to be Discontinued for 2023  

Toyota Discontinues Avalon for 2023

We recently learned Toyota will not bring the long-running Avalon back for the 2023 model year. If you are a fan of the premier automaker's reliable sedans, we can give you reasons to view this news positively.

Your Chance to Drive Something Rare

The official word that Avalon will exit America's new-car arena at the close of the 2022 model year gives you the opportunity to own or lease a midsize sedan that makes a statement. Toyota's Avalon has always represented unique luxury. Now, you can acquire an elegant Avalon and drive a sedan that separates you from the masses.

Toyota Launches the New Crown for 2023

Certainly, the auto brand America trusts for midsize sedans will keep producing excellent cars. In fact, Toyota's new Crown will enter the luxury-midsize space as Avalon exits it.

We are thrilled about the 2023 Toyota Crown at our dealership. It takes the sedan in a new direction. For example, its cabin sits higher than other sedans, and its hybrid-AWD powertrain is a standard feature. Choosing a Crown will also help you stand apart from other auto owners in 2023.

Imagine Two Possible Futures for Yourself

As you envision the miles ahead in the next few years, which vehicle do you imagine you will drive? If different parts of your driving spirit feel called by each of these Toyota sedans, we can help you decide between a 2022 Avalon and a 2023 Crown via friendly test drives.

Feel free to reach out to schedule an appointment or ask any questions you may have about these high-quality sedans. We welcome you to visit our conveniently located dealership, too.

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