Toyota Corolla Interior Air Conditioner

During the summer, the last thing you want to do is get into a hot, humid car to drive to work or out to see your friends. If your AC unit has stopped working, or if it doesn’t seem to be cooling the cabin down quite as well as it used to, you may need AC repair. While it’s tempting to skip the repair in order to save a bit of money, consider this: the issue with your AC unit may be affecting other parts of the car, which can lead to bigger, more expensive problems this season.

What happens if there’s a leak?

One of the most serious causes of not-cold air coming from the AC unit is a leak. If the leak has been there for a long time, moisture may have already entered the AC system, which can damage several other parts. There are several things that can cause a leak. Most of the time, though, moisture and age causes the hoses and seals to lose elasticity and break down.

To check for a leak, we’ll use a black light to locate the leak. Many refrigerants have UV dye mixed in for this exact reason. We may also use a sniffer, which can find the chemical components of refrigerant, altering us to where the leak is.

Why isn’t the AC very cold?

If you’ve noticed that the air that’s blowing through the vents isn’t as cold as it should be, bring your car to us as soon as possible. Depending upon the issue, the problem could turn into a bigger and more expensive one quickly. Common causes of less-than-chilly air are as follows:

  • There’s a Freon leak, which means there might be a problem with a hose, seal or o-ring.
  • The refrigerant charging hose or the expansion tube is clogged.
  • The compressor or its clutch isn’t working.
  • The evaporator of condenser is damaged or it’s stopped working.

Why does my AC’s airflow feel weaker?

Toyota Corolla ExteriorEven if your AC is pumping out cold air, the airflow may be too low to bring you enough relief from the heat. There are a few different causes of poor airflow:

  • Mold or mildew has built up in the evaporator. This happens because moisture can build up during the cooling process. If there’s mold or mildew in the system, the air may be blocked from the vents.
  • The blower hose, which is what brings to the air to the blower unit, is loose.
  • The ventilation fan isn’t blowing, which can seriously limit airflow.
  • One or more of the seals have opened up, limiting air flow.

At our dealership, we’ll be able to diagnose the AC airflow problem and take the necessary steps to fix it.

Why does the AC smell when I turn it on?

If you notice a bad smell when you turn on the AC system, it could be due to an old or dirty air cabin filter. It’s also possible that the evaporator is moldy, which happens when water stays in the evaporator case, unable to drain through a blocked case drain.

Will I see a warning light if there’s a problem with my AC?

Not usually, but every car is different. It’s a good idea to check the owner’s manual to see the different symbols that will be displayed in the Driver Information Center.

If you're experiencing problems with your AC unit, bring your vehicle to our service center. Fixing the issue will make you more comfortable driving this summer, and it will help you avoid larger issues in the future.

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