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Transmission is a system that transfers the power of the vehicle from the engine to the driveshaft. Therefore, if it is not working properly, it may be unsafe to drive the vehicle. In some instances, it may render a vehicle useless. The parts of a vehicle's transmission usually experience more wear and tear than most of the other parts of a vehicle. Therefore, it is vital to undertake proper and regular maintenance of the transmission system. In addition, it is vital to know how to recognize the existence of a transmission problem. It is also vital to know some of the common transmission problems and when to solve them. This would help in reducing frustrations with transmissions problems and save the owner of the vehicle significant sums of money in repairs. If you need any help with Toyota transmission-related services kindly contact Toyota of Deerfield Beach today.

When Should I Change My Transmission Fluid?

Transmission problems may occur due to problems with the transmission fluid. Simply changing the transmission fluid may solve the transmission problem. Just like other automotive fuels, the transmission fluid of a vehicle deteriorates with time. Hard use of the vehicle, which includes regular stop-and-go that is usually found in cities and carrying heavy loads, increase the rate of deterioration of transmission fluid. This form of driving increases the operating temperature of transmission. The heat puts more strain on the transmission fluid.

Drivers who drive under high-stress conditions should check the level of transmission fluid regularly and visit our dealership to have the condition of the fluid checked. Transmission fluid is usually red. However, as it deteriorates it turns into a darker color. It may also have a burned smell, which may indicate that it needs replacement or the vehicle is experiencing mechanical problems.

The transmission fluid should also be changed if it has particles or debris. A dealership may require you to change the transmission fluid when you visit the dealership to have the oil changed. Changing the transmission fluid requires additional payment. Therefore, the driver should assess whether the transmission fluid is dark or consult the Toyota manual to see what Toyota recommends. This will help in making the decision whether to change the transmission fluid or not.

Manual transmission fluid should be changed after every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. In some instances, it should be changed as regularly as 15,000 miles especially with hard use of the vehicle. On the other hand, automatic transmission should be changed after every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. Failure to change the transmission fluid leads to its lubrication of the transmission system with harmful substances, which include metal particles. This damages the transmission system.

What is Transmission Fluid Flushing?

Flushing is a system that uses pressurized force to remove the old transmission fluid before adding a new transmission fluid. Even though this sounds good, some manufacturers claim that this should not be done. At our dealership, we follow the Toyota manual when determining whether to use flush systems.

Why Should I Change My Transmission Filter?

AC Toyota RepairThe transmission filter gets clogged with metal particles and other types of dirt and particles over time. Therefore, it should be changed after some time. Even though each Toyota model has its own maintenance schedule, which is indicated in the manual, it is ideal to replace the transmission filter and fluid after 30,000 to 100,000 miles depending on the mode of transmission of the vehicle and mode of driving the vehicle.

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