Where there's a need, CommonUnity seeks to fill that need. They work with a wide range of populations in the Deerfield Beach area, including children, seniors, and other organizations (such as churches and businesses). Their loving, compassionate staff sees need around them everywhere they go, and that's why they wanted to create this non-profit. Too many have done without for too long. CommonUnity intends to change that.


How CommonUnity Helps

CommonUnity devises programs that reach out to the people who need them most. Children, older adults, special needs adults, disaster victims, and so many other groups of people will find a helping hand from CommonUnity. For example, their disaster relief program helps the people who endure natural disasters like flooding or hurricanes. When people lose their everyday security due to these events, this non-profit can help.

More programs are centered on everyday needs. For example, the Seniors in Action program invites seniors to use their unique talents to make a difference in their communities. Seniors volunteer to make quilts, cookies, and other items that they have special skills for creating. This helps the community, but it also helps a senior tap into those useful talents and feels a sense of pride.

A program called the "Kids and Seniors" program invites children and seniors to participate in activities that enrich all lives. Children benefit from the wisdom of seniors, while seniors gain strength from all that youthful enthusiasm. Everyone involved has a great time and becomes more a part of the community. Both kids and seniors take away fantastic memories from each event, and they look forward to the next one.

Special projects are another part of CommonUnity. These are simple calls from the community to donate items that might be of use to the people who count on CommonUnity. Every year, people and businesses donate items like tickets to shows, bicycles, and even musical equipment. For everything given, CommonUnity strives to find the right person to donate it to, whether it's a child who wants to learn to play the violin or a senior who needs more quilting supplies; this non-profit matches those donations to the right people.