Toyota's GR Cup Set to Debut in 2023  

Toyota has decided to bring the GR Cup to the world from Toyota in the year 2023. The organization called SRO America has been creating GT racing events over the last 30 years, and this will just be the most recent version of it.

New Races

The GR Cup will be a single-make-style series of races. This means that everyone will be driving the same vehicle throughout the race. Plus, on top of that, they will offer more than 1 million dollars of prize money to those who participate in the cup. Toyota can do this due to partnerships such as the Toyota Gazoo Racing North America.

The idea is that the event won't be about the races only; it will also be an event for those who love racing vehicles, in general, to gather together. In this single-make series, every car will be from the same manufacturer in the same car, and all of them will even be built in the same factory. For this race, there will be a basic GR86 model that then gets upgraded to create the vehicle for the race.

The GR86 will turn into the GR86 Cup car in the new stare of the art facility from TRD that is in Mooresville, North Carolina. Once the base car gets here, it will get upgrades like Alcon brakes, JRI adjustable thoughts, OMP safety equipment, a carbon fiber rear wing, a roll cage, the custom Borla exhaust, and the SADEV 6-speed sequential transmission, a 22-gallon fuel cell, and more.

This will make it so that everyone ends up with a similar vehicle so that you can see the skill isolated by itself in driving in the race.

This series of races will comprise over 14 events that will take place across the United States on a number of famous race tracks. Part of the goal of this event is to allow Toyota engineers to look at the data collected in order to put out even better cars over time.

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