2019 Toyota Corolla Model Review

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Take a Sneak Peek of the 2020 Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander

Those who prefer to drive an SUV are likely aware of the Toyota Highlander and the success it's had in the auto industry. The vehicle continues to evolve and become more advanced with each generation to accommodate the needs of modern drivers. With the 2020 Highlander, the model proves to offer more tech tools, gadgets, and comfort.

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Toyota Lane Departure Steering Assist: How to Disable & Activate?

Turn Lane Departure Alert Steering

It has become easier than ever to stay safe while in your vehicle. With recent technological developments, vehicles are now protecting you without you even having to react to what’s going on around you. For example, Toyota’s Lane Departure Steering Assist is designed to move your vehicle back into your lane when you start to drift away from your spot. This will keep you safe while on the road, but this is also a feature that is designed to keep other people safe as well. If you feel there is a need to turn this feature off or…

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Tips on How to Protect Your Car in A Hurricane

Smart Key

Hurricanes and vehicles do not tend to mix very well. If a hurricane heads your way, the best thing you can do for your vehicle is jump in it and drive far away. But, that leaves many families with a dilemma. Most have more than one vehicle. In a crisis, separating your family is not an attractive option. .

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